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r+h Must Haves: Leather Phone Case + Apps

April 7, 2017

It’s a fact of modern life: we’re on our phones ALL the time. They’ve become seamlessly integrated into our daily habits, something we pick up so often we don’t even notice.

We included a leather phone case in the 2017 collection because we felt the need for a classic, high quality and high style accessory to protect and tote our phones. Something so ever-present in our lives should look great. It’s also seriously functional. The snap-close cover holds cards and cash so you can grab-and-go with all your essentials in one sleek piece.

In the spirit of accepting our utter dependence on these devices, we asked around the r+h offices, “What’s on your phone? What are you using and loving lately?” Below – the apps we can’t get enough of.

“Spotify running! You start running and Spotify plays music that matches your tempo. They have tons of different themes to choose from. They even have one called “The Chase” that mixes action movie music so you feel like you’re actually in one.”

“I use Feedly to catch up on the latest news and posts. I am able to group by topic and add different sources based on my interests, then go through them as I have time.”

“I love Snapseed for editing photos. I can take an image from dark and shadowy to bright and airy without photoshop.”

“Podcasts. I drive an average of 75 miles a day and had been purchasing audiobooks for the ride. Now, with a few clicks, I can listen and learn, in my car!! Very nice and wide variety to listen to.”

“Waze – I happen to be a bit of a speed demon, and I love using this app because it is about 85% accurate to let you know if there is a cop sitting up the road. If there is road construction, it will change your route so you can avoid it and you can add your favorite addresses so you can just tell it to go to “Courtney & Derek’s House”.

“The app I use a lot on my phone is the 8MM Vintage Camera. I love it because as an amateur filmmaker, it allows me to capture the beauty and mood of vintage movies in real time.”

“The Crate & Barrel wedding registry for obvious reasons :)”

“The Google Calendar app. I finally found a calendar that is easy to use and looks great! I can’t imagine how I kept track of anything before I got it.”

“Uber Eats! We finally got Uber Eats in our area and they deliver donuts from one of our favorite spots! It’s slowly becoming a Sunday morning tradition. The best part is we can stay in our PJs.”

“I love listening to audiobooks on Audible. I just listened to Rosamund Pike narrate Pride and Prejudice.”

“Spotify Discover Weekly. Every week, they create a new playlist for you based on your likes and what’s new. It never disappoints.”

“The podcast Ana Faris Is Unqualified. She has a different celebrity co-host for each episode- it’s light hearted and so funny!”

“The Venmo app! If you don’t have it- you need it! It’s the easiest way to electronically transfer money to or request payment from your friends. There’s no service charge and you’ll never have to awkwardly figure out how to split a restaurant check again.”

Now it’s your turn. We want to know what apps you’re loving – let us know on social @russellandhazel. And don’t forget to check out the gorgeous new arrivals in our leather collection!



Free Download: Printable Smartdate Calendars

January 12, 2017

We all organize differently, but for many longtime fans of r+h, the Smartdate calendar system is the go-to, year after year. The clean, minimal design of the calendars and weekly sheets paired with our gorgeous signature and mini binders is an ideal combination for elegant planning.

While we offer all the inserts you need to create a binder that functions uniquely for your planning style, each year we also provide free downloadable calendars you can access any time, print out, hole punch and add to your binder.

You’ll find the links to each of the downloadable calendar PDFs at the bottom of this post as well as on our website. Just click to open and print them out on plain white paper.

The mini 2017 monthly calendar sheets are printed two to a page, so you’ll need to score them along the dotted line down the center. We used a ruler and blade knife, but a scissors would work as well. The mini 2017 year-at-a-glance should be trimmed at the crop marks.

Next, hole punch each sheet for your binder. A three hole punch works great, but if you don’t have one you can make pencil marks for each ring in the binder and use a hand-held hole punch. If you already have any of the Smartdate inserts you can use one of the sheets as a guide.

After that, enjoy inserting your new calendars into your binder and setting it up exactly the way you prefer. Complete your setup with pocket folders, tabbed dividers, graph and lined filler paper, sticky notes or anything else that helps you organize.

(Don’t forget – if you’re not much for DIY, you can always find our Smartdate calendars ready to go on our website.)

For more inspiration, take a look at some of the ways we’re planning to organize our schedules this year here. We want to know how you’re using your r+h organization items to keep on track. Send us a note on one of our social channels and let us know!

Downloadable Smartdate Calendars







Refresh Your Workspace With r+h Acrylic

January 5, 2017

Many of us feel that the new year is a time for new goals, new motivation and new focus. Similar to how we felt as kids at the start of the school year with a set of crisp new notebooks, folders and pencils, the new year has us craving a clean, sleek and focused workspace to help us tackle our goals.

One of the simplest ways to elevate your workspace is to replace outdated, basic supplies and accessories with fresh modern versions. Clearing away clutter and adding new organization pieces that are both functional and beautiful immediately transforms your desk to an inspiring and sophisticated space.

It’s no secret that we have a serious fondness for acrylic here at r+h. The material has been a staple of the collection for years, and a perennial favorite with our customers. Our acrylic pieces take simple home and office accessories to a chic new level by highlighting instead of overpowering their contents, blending in with a variety of decor styles while still making a subtle statement of their own.

The r+h acrylic collection contains an assortment of sleek pieces to help you refresh your workspace.  Donate your old stapler and tape dispenser to the copy room and upgrade yours to chic gold and acrylic versions. Swap your manila file folders and industrial metal cabinet for our stunning, transparent file box and minimalist white hanging folders. Create consistency with a bundle of sharp white pencils housed in our acrylic pencil cup, which doubles as a holder for business cards or our clever quips + queries.

A current favorite on our desks is the acrylic ruler and phone dock. It’s the perfect size to set your phone in along with photos, notes, or quips + queries. The etched ruler markings are surprisingly handy for day to day use, especially in a creative office.

The elegance, quality and style of the r+h acrylic collection is the perfect antidote to a tired, outdated desktop. The new year is the time to lean in to your goals and renewed motivation, and an inspiring workspace is the place to start. From our office to yours, we’re wishing you a bright, happy and productive new year.




Stylish Gifting: The List Maker

December 8, 2016

We all know her. “The List Maker.” And admittedly, as paper lovers and organization enthusiasts, we are her. Grocery lists, weekend to-do’s, vacation plans – we track our lives in bullet points.

We’re all about elevating the typical basics like sticky notes, paper clips, pens and pencils with high quality, high design versions. We believe that an inspiring workspace with functional and beautiful supplies helps us think more clearly and be more productive. (And there’s nothing quite like the satisfying swipe of crossing an item off your to-do list.)

Our collection of memos, list pads and page flags is The List Maker’s dream. For the monochromatically inclined, there are classic gray and charcoal options, as well as luxe marble. For those who delight in the bright and colorful, try our technicolor pack of page flags or tomato red jotters. And for the girl who can’t get enough of-the-moment blush, the pastel to-do pad is a must have.

Finally, for the most meticulous of List Makers we’ve gone beyond basic sticky notes and created additional list-making tools like the project planning pad, lined memos, and unique time trackers. From the thoughtful, stylish design and color palette to the quality of the paper, each of our notepads and planning accessories can help transform your workspace to something that truly motivates and inspires.

The r+h notes collection is perfect for holiday stocking stuffers, or bundle a few together for a stylish little gift for your favorite List Makers – the perfect start to a well-planned new year!



Stylish Gifting: The Personalized Smart Deck

November 21, 2016


Sophisticated stationery always makes an elegant gift, but this year we’ve upped our gifting game with the option to add personalized details to some of our classic r+h items along with brand new products including foiled invitations, file folders and more.

One of the holiday gifting ideas we’re buzzing about is the new personalized Smart Deck. We’ve taken the oversize daily planning pad you already love and added 5 new designs with space for your custom personalization.


You can tailor the Smart Deck entirely to suit your recipient’s taste: first select one of our 5 new designs, from sleek to whimsical. Then choose a color palette and add custom personalization, rather it’s her name, monogram, or a witty quote. You can even customize the font and text color with our full library of classic and modern fonts. The end result is a completely unique daily planning pad that makes a stylish statement in any workspace.



Attention to detail is what makes a gift meaningful, and adding your recipient’s name or monogram to this high quality stationery shows you gave it real thought. The personalized Smart Deck is perfectly giftable for your paper-obsesssed girlfriend, your pal in the next cubicle, or your child’s english teacher. Anyone on your list with a busy schedule and an appreciation for great design would enjoy this unique and personal gift. (And if you’re like us, you may be adding one to your shopping cart with your own name on it!)




We’re wishing you a very happy holiday season, and inviting you to stay tuned to this space for more stylish gift ideas for your nearest and dearest.




Paper Planning 3 Ways In 2017

November 17, 2016

There is a certain kind of joy that we take each year in setting up our r+h calendars for the new year ahead. It’s a satisfying experience, from the feel of the smooth, never-used paper to the sense of curiosity and optimism we feel flipping through the blank pages of the months to come. In an increasingly digital world, we tend to enjoy the decidedly analog ritual of keeping track of our hectic schedules with an elegantly designed paper calendar system.


For 2017 we have a few options for planning your days in a way that works uniquely for you. The Signature and Mini binders are here to stay as an anchor of our collection. Featuring SmartDate planning inserts, this system gives you traditional monthly and weekly layouts in chic, minimalist design. We like to use the Signature size for larger project planning and the Mini as a day-to-day catch-all for notes, to-dos and reminders that slips easily into our bags.


Another planning tool we’ve become increasingly fond of here in the r+h offices is our Desktop Calendar Pad. It’s oversize at  22″ x 16.5″, with room for several of us to gather around and hash out project deadlines, marketing themes and more. As plans inevitably change and evolve, you’ll appreciate the 36 undated sheets; a life saver when you need to tear out a page and start fresh.


A third calendar option for 2017 is the SmartDeck. It works beautifully as a daily planning pad with plenty of space for notes, an hourly appointment tracker and the year at a glance. We find these are handy as a desktop brain-dump for bright ideas as they pop up throughout the day. An exciting new launch for 2017 is the option for personalizing your SmartDeck. Add your name, social media handle, website, or favorite quote and choose from five new designs for a calendar that truly speaks to you.


So we want to know: what kind of calendar are you going to use to plan for an excellent 2017?


Farmers Market Trip

August 11, 2016

We recently grabbed our Clear Shopper Tote for a trip to the Minneapolis Farmers Market. Like many at this popular outdoor spot, we can’t get enough of the gorgeous displays of farm grown fruits and vegetables and lush bouquets of fresh cut flowers.


After picking out some sunny yellow roses we added a package of cinnamon roasted almonds, a few Minnesota Honeycrisp apples and bundle of fresh herbs to our R+H clear shopper tote. The bag is oversized, allowing us to add plenty of farmstand goods along with the rest of our daily essentialsDSC00795

What are your farmers market must haves?

Shop our Clear Shopper Tote here: