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Video: Add Life To Your Work

June 23, 2017

Here at russell + hazel, defining the intersection of fashion + organization for the office and home is what drives us. We create functionally beautiful products through constant innovation and problem solving. It’s all about how we add life to your work.


Behind the Scenes of a r+h Video Shoot

June 13, 2017

Earlier this month, we gathered the r+h team at a sunny studio space in a historic factory building in Stillwater, MN for a video shoot. Before we share the video with you next week, we wanted to take you behind the scenes for a glimpse of the shoot in progress.

The phrase at the heart of r+h is “add life to your work,” and the video captures that idea by highlighting the combination of fashion and function that drives the brand.

How pretty do our gold foil custom thank you notes look in this shot?

Stepping back to survey the scene. The original wood floors and brick walls of the historic building, flooded with natural sunlight, were the perfect backdrop for the r+h office set.

The video turned out beautifully and tells our story – who we are and what drives us. Stay tuned here and on social @russellandhazel, to be sure you don’t miss it!


Free Download: r+h Digital Wallpapers

April 20, 2017

Since the launch of the 2017 collection, we have been enjoying toting our laptops in the brand-new leather envelope portfolios (back by popular demand!) They’re seriously luxurious, and give your computer a sleek, classic look as you go from meeting to meeting. The leather is buttery soft and lightly textured, with a durable cotton lining and magnetic closure. The high-quality materials and timeless design will make it a go-to accessory that only gets better with age.

With such a knockout upgrade to the outside of our computers, we thought it would be nice to refresh the inside as well. We created three digital wallpapers featuring the patterns from our new collection – Effe, Percy, and Claire, along with the phrase at the heart of r+h: Add life to your work.

Click below to open and download the mobile or desktop wallpapers, and check out all the luxe new arrivals in our leather collection to give your devices a complete makeover.

Mobile Downloads:


Desktop Downloads:



r+h Must-Have: Blush

March 31, 2017

Blush. Pale Pink. Tumblr Pink. Millennial Pink. The world seems to have been recently painted this muted pastel shade, with everything from cosmetics packaging to entire public interiors enthusiastically covered in it. And we’re into it.

The new russell + hazel collection for 2017 features a group of items that capture the current obsession with the color, so you can accessorize and organize to your rosé-loving heart’s content.

For the planner girls, there is a solid blush mini binder in sleek patent, just right for your airy desktop flat-lays on instagram. Our latest quips+queries set is blush edged in gold foil – what stationery dreams are made of. The paper bloc is an all-new item that combines soft blush notepaper with industrial goldtone hardware, a contrast we love.

Elsewhere in the collection is a wider range of this rosy shade. There’s the midtone taffy pink seen in the new single subject notebook and jotter cards. The spectrum of pink shades in the page flag set is the perfect complement to blush paper inserts for the mini binder.

For now, this pink-hued frenzy doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. We want to know, have you embraced the trend? Let’s chat – find us on social @russellandhazel


r+h Must Have: Mini Binder Refresh

March 29, 2017

Every time we launch a new collection, we get excited about the new mini binder colors and patterns. For many, the mini binder is a daily essential, so an occasional swap-out for a new design is always refreshing.

Honestly, we can’t decide on a favorite. The new collection captures the contrasts in color, materials, and masculine and feminine themes that our designers drew inspiration from. You can see the softer, more feminine influences in the blush binder and some of the new patterns. A richer and bolder theme is seen in the new rust and indigo editions, while the dimensional, marbled look of the Effe mini binder is a fresh interpretation for the marble trend lovers

As always, r+h offers a full range of inserts for the mini binders. From calendars to pocket folders to tabbed dividers, page flags and much more, it’s truly a customizable planning system. Additionally, you can download free printable smartdate calendars for your mini or signature binder by heading to this blog post.

The smartdate system can be used as a daily, weekly, or monthly planner, an address book, project planner, sketchbook, or a custom combination tailored to your work and lifestyle. For a limited time, take 10% off the entire mini collection. (No code needed, through 03/30/17.)

We want to know, which new mini binder are you most excited about? Come chat with us on our social channels, @russellandhazel.





r+h Must-Have: The Acrylic Desk Tray

March 27, 2017

Among the new arrivals in the 2017 collection, the acrylic desk tray is a standout. A stunning addition to the r+h acrylic family, the tray is a substantial, high-quality accessory that beautifully combines form and function.

The desk tray is crafted from heavy-cast acrylic and brass, with signature clean lines and minimal design aesthetic. Fans of r+h stationery will enjoy the perfectly sized spaces for our jotters, square memo pads, adhesive notes and quips + queries cards.

The tray is a stylish resting place for the items you tend to lose track of throughout the day – your phone, favorite pen, a notepad, etc. Desktop organization is chic and easy with this statement piece.

While the new desk tray is perfect for the workspace, it’s also a versatile home decor accessory that can be used in a variety of settings. We love it as a display for perfumes and our most reached-for jewelry. It can also act as a sleek coffee table tray, corralling remotes, candles, and accessories. The transparent design with brass accents is modern yet classic,  and can transition to any setting or styling you choose.



Free Printable: r+h Valentines

January 30, 2017

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re in the mood for some old-school snail mail. It’s the perfect time to pen a sweet note to those you love, and the paper lover in us is charmed by a handwritten Valentine. In the spirit of V-day love, we’ve created a set of free printable note cards for you.

You’ll find the links to the downloadable PDF’s at the bottom of the post. There are four designs to choose from, each designed with hallmark r+h simplicity and a bit of cheekiness.

After downloading your PDFs, you can print them out on 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of cardstock, then use a ruler and blade to trim along the crop marks and score at the dotted line. A scissor also works to cut out your cards.

When your note cards are trimmed and scored, fold them in half at the score line and hand write your message. Then enclose in an envelope and send in the mail, or hand deliver to your loves. We got extra festive and added vintage love-themed postage stamps.

Download your r+h Valentine’s Day note cards with the links below:





Happy Valentine’s day, with love from russell + hazel!


Sneak Peek: Collection 2017

January 19, 2017

As we prepared the new r+h collection for 2017, we were influenced by a recurring theme of contrasts: feminine merging with masculine, hard lines paired with soft materials, and monochromatic palettes varied with unique textures. It’s been rewarding to see those inspirational themes come to life in the new product and we’re thrilled to share this sneak peek with you.

One of the most unique pieces in the new collection is the Drafter’s Tablet. Classically styled, it features gold-tone hardware with a refillable micro-perforated graph paper pad. The tablet has become an instant favorite in the r+h offices and is a stunner on our desktops.

Look for vivid, trend-forward new colors and patterns for the mini binders and single subject notebooks as well as lovely, softer new colorways for the jotters.

The desk accessories category is getting a few luxurious additions including a large acrylic and gold-tone segmented tray. While it’s stunning on the desktop, we’re finding it’s also quite chic on the vanity for cosmetics and perfumes, the coffee table for remotes, candles, and accessories, or the bedroom on the dresser top or nightstand.

Another r+h office favorite is the new leather mousepad with a clever pen rest, perfect for helping us keep track of our favorite gold metal pens. (Seriously, we love this pen and can’t stand to misplace it!)

Lastly, you’ll see a softer, more feminine direction in the 2017 lineup with shades of blush, gray, pink and gold. These pieces deliver the perfect counterpart to some of the more masculine and industrial elements in the collection and round out the hard-soft balance.

Stay tuned here and on our social channels, as the 2017 collection will be launching soon. In the meantime, check out this post for more insight on the design inspiration and development of the new collection.


r+h Behind the Scenes: The Drawing Board

December 1, 2016

With 2017 fast approaching, we are wrapping up the final touches on our 2017 collection, set to launch early in the new year. Over the next month, we want to give you a glimpse into our process of development and design.

As winter came to a close last spring our desks filled with images, colors, and shapes that began the process of cultivating direction for the coming year. Watching trends shift, and themes emerge across fashion, architecture, technology, and home gave guidance to our initial design boards. Three color stories surface, informing the materials, patterns and overall spirit of the collection



Holding true to our deep-rooted history in classic and modern design, we wanted to speak to the trends while remaining timeless. Our design boards revealed a sense of merging feminine and masculine themes, soft materials constructed with hard lines and monochromatic palettes displaying textural interest.



We hope that this glimpse into our inspiration will excite you about the collection to come! In the words of the great Finnish designer and architect, Alvar Aalto, “Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.”

2017 is sure to bring new beauty to your life, whether at home, work or on the go.