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r+h Interview with Celebrity Hairstylist Pearson Knight

October 26, 2016


Pearson Knight is a celebrity hairstylist who frequently works in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Southeast Asia, designing hair for celebrities, runway fashion, editorial, TV and video.  Knight –also an Elle magazine Hair Genius honoree–has carved a whirlwind career, working behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, landing editorial shoots and styling for an everyday clientele while also working on a product line which is exclusively available online and in store at our flagship store.

You have a pretty impressive resume, can you tell us what inspired you to become a hairstylist?

Growing up I was always into style and freedom of self expression. I grew up skateboarding, surfing and breakdancing and was very into the culture and fashion style that went along with that.  What drove me towards hairstyling was a friend of mine, I was inspired by his career.   I was living in a ski town snowboarding everyday but was looking for more out of life. So we decided I would go to Hair School.

How did you segue into doing runway and editorial hair?

My mentor was rooted in advanced cutting techniques and styling on stage at hair shows as well as New York Fashion Week. I volunteered for everything I could while being a student at Aveda. I quickly met the Global Styling team and leaders and was brought on to help with New York Fashion Week. Before finishing advanced training and being placed in a salon I got my taste of the creativity and intensity backstage and loved it. I had the honor and opportunity to do my first publication in my first year as well for Redbook Magazine. I guess after that it came organically along with my passion for it.

Who are some celebrities that you have worked on?

I’ve worked for or on Maggie Grace, Giada De Laurentiis, Louie Anderson, Justin Timberlake, Isabelle Fuhrman, Denise Richards, Victoria Gotti, Theodora Richards, Jules Asner, Sofia Black-D’Elia, I’m sure I have left some out. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with  some of high fashions favorites Candice Swanepoel, Joan Smalls, Miranda Kerr, Jourdan Dunn, Navia Nguyen, Hope Dworaczyk, Aline Weber, Karlie Kloss, Lindsey Wixson, and Behati Prinsloo. It’s been really fun to watch all of these people continue to elevate their career, skill and passion.


For the past 6 years you’ve lived….well kind of all over, what made you decide to return to Minneapolis?

That was an easy decision as I already have clients here as well as started my career in Minneapolis but what directly brought me back to be based here was the collaboration with Russell+Hazel.

Why did you choose to collaborate with russell+hazel? 

 I grew up drawing, writing poems and rhythms, designing logos etc…as a kid I would draw on anything jeans, walls, napkins…but the older and more refined I get I appreciate being organized and crisp. I love a nice pen and journal. I think any thinker or artist needs one. It is so much more now with the Flagship store. It’s a full lifestyle store where you can find very unique beauty, fashion, jewelry, home and office accessories. 

What do you find inspiring about russell+hazel?

I love the ability to customize your russell+hazel  products. I find the other products unique and inspiring as well but I resonate with customization, its what I do with every haircut and client. It’s very personal and intimate created specifically for them.

You just launched your product line which is only available online and in-store exclusively at our flagship store, what inspired your product line?

Every moment of my career and my clients needs. I would also say music, travel, and extreme sports played a huge role.

What hair products does your line offer?

I started with just 4 styling products. I looked at my clients in different locations and tried to tackle their needs by climate, hair type, and gender. We have Sculpture Foam Styling Elixir, Beach Grit Texture and Volume Spray, Straight Shine Blowout Lotion, and Texture Mud Pomade.


What is the “can’t live without it” product from your line?

Beach Grit no doubt. It is for male and female. Whether if you scrunch curls, desire beachy waves or blow your hair out it is amazing. After I shampoo and condition my hair is too clean. I like that second day dirty hair and I can get it immediately with this. 

Which do you enjoy doing the most and why? Your daily clientele, runway or editorial hair?

I think I have a very balanced passion for all 3. I love the one on one experience of getting to know someone and meeting their needs. I surely love the buzz and creative vibes of shooting editorial with teams. I love runway and all its precision and intensity.

What is your favorite hairstyle?

Mine. Just kidding. I love men and women’s hair. I love doing hard lines and masculine texture as much as I love big sexy hair and short shapes. I guess I have been labeled with doing signature Victoria Secret type long layered looks.


Not only is your style studio located in the North Loop but you also reside there, what do you love about the North Loop?

Its a progressive neighborhood as is constantly changing. I love architecture and all of the restored or original buildings are great. This is actually the 3rd time I have lived in the North loop.

What is one question nobody has ever asked you—that you wish they asked you?

Thats actually a tough question….I’m not sure.

What’s next for Pearson Knight and Pearson Knight Beauty?

Immediately I would say Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Masque. We always keep a pulse on inspiring, creating, and elevating the cause so you’ll just have to tag along to find out.

Pearson Knight’s work has been featured in Glamour, Elle, Redbook, The New York Times, P Magazine (Belgium), Men’s Health Australia,, Fashion One TV International, Fashion TV, Insight (Bali),, Essence Magazine, Yak Magazine and Estetica Italia.  He is available by appointment only at The Style Studio located in the russell+hazel flagship store.  To book an appointment with Pearson email him at or stop by our flagship store in the North Loop for more information.




Kara Van Petrol for russell+hazel

October 19, 2016


This past spring, while traveling through Florence and Rome, our team connected with long time leather artisans Kara Van Petrol. The Italian leather company was birthed in 1979 by a trio of designers with a background in philosophy and architecture – which shows in their work. Quickly we knew this team would be a great pairing for us! In their own words, the bags and accessories “never go out of fashion, because they do not follow the fashion. Shape is based on functionality, his meaning is his function. We base our designs on our own taste, because we are very picky.


Over the week abroad, we worked together to craft some exclusive designs for our flagship store in the North Loop as an introduction to our partnership. These designs are a limited run – 10 in each design and color. Come on out to touch and feel for yourself; the quality is exquisite, the design is tasteful and timeless. Watch for more to come on these luxury leathers!



The Beauty Bar at russell+hazel

October 19, 2016


Our goal when selecting the brands and products that would be stocked in the Beauty Bar in our new flagship store was to find natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly beauty products that are high performing and beautifully packaged.  A lot of research went into finding skincare and body care products that are luxurious and deliver great results, but that you will also want to display on your bathroom sink.  When it came to selecting the makeup, we wanted pigments that compliment all skin tones and also let our customers express their personality and mood…because we all have our red lipstick days.


Beauty products that are natural, non-toxic and organic are better for your skin due to their lack of harmful, synthetic chemicals and toxins, which can be damaging to your skin. Natural beauty products also tend to contain skin nourishing, nutrient-rich plants, super fruits, natural oils and minerals.  Not only are natural beauty products better for you skin, they are also better for the planet and are more often than not cruelty free.



Below is a peek into the natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic beauty brands that made the russell+hazel Beauty Bar cut:

Kosås Cosmetics : Kosås lip colors are made by hand, blending science and art to produce super natural performance color, with smooth finishes, even textures, and balanced hues. Kosås is made in Los Angeles, CA by founder, mother, and cosmetic connoisseur, Sheena Yaitanes.

Rituel de Fille: Rituel de Fille was founded by three sisters, two of whom are highly experienced makeup artists in entertainment and fashion.  All of the lipsticks, lip sheers, eye soots and cream blushes are carefully handcrafted for uniquely bold, lasting color.  They are also 99% natural with amazingly high performance.

Sans [ceuticals]: offers a collection of products that are pure and clean, without unnecessary or harmful ingredients. The products are also multifunctional and  highly effective. Sans new generation ceuticals combine an innovative approach to science, nature, beauty and daily living, informed by New Zealand’s pristine landscape and geography.

Mullein & Sparrow:  is a luxury, vegan beauty line crafted  in Brooklyn.  This small, independent company consists of creative free spirits who share a love of holistic beauty and wellness. All of theier products are made with care and are vegan and cruelty-free. While we are small-batched in Brooklyn, our formulas are universal.

Agent Nateur: AGENT NATEUR N ° 3  d e o d o r a n t  is formulated with only the finest ingredients including organic coconut oil, beeswax, sodium bicarbonate, avocado butter, sunflower butter, castor oil, raw organic honey and healing essential oils. The fragrance is beautiful and most importantly, AGENT NATEUR N°3  d e o d o r a n t  WORKS.

Birchrose + Co:  is dedicated to providing minimally processed, all natural products that have tangible results.  Blended and truly infused with an array of nourishing botanicals, high grade minerals & salts, nutrient rich clays, unrefined butters, cold-pressed carrier oils, wild-harvested essential oils, organic tea leaves, local organic fair trade coffee, and locally harvested beeswax, all products nourish + heal the skin.

URB Apothecary:  products reflect the need and desire to reconnect with simple, chemical-free ingredients.  Only the highest quality organic ingredients are used in every URB Apothecary product.  All products are cruelty-free, SLS-free, paraben-free and free of chemical additives and preservatives.

Olivine Atelier:  perfume oils are 100% fragrance with no additives or carrier oils.  All perfume oils are also vegan and cruelty-free.


Next time you’re in the North Loop, stop by our beauty bar to give your skin some love!





r+h Interview With Photographer Craig VanDerSchaegen

October 12, 2016