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November 2016


Stylish Gifting: The Personalized Smart Deck

November 21, 2016


Sophisticated stationery always makes an elegant gift, but this year we’ve upped our gifting game with the option to add personalized details to some of our classic r+h items along with brand new products including foiled invitations, file folders and more.

One of the holiday gifting ideas we’re buzzing about is the new personalized Smart Deck. We’ve taken the oversize daily planning pad you already love and added 5 new designs with space for your custom personalization.


You can tailor the Smart Deck entirely to suit your recipient’s taste: first select one of our 5 new designs, from sleek to whimsical. Then choose a color palette and add custom personalization, rather it’s her name, monogram, or a witty quote. You can even customize the font and text color with our full library of classic and modern fonts. The end result is a completely unique daily planning pad that makes a stylish statement in any workspace.



Attention to detail is what makes a gift meaningful, and adding your recipient’s name or monogram to this high quality stationery shows you gave it real thought. The personalized Smart Deck is perfectly giftable for your paper-obsesssed girlfriend, your pal in the next cubicle, or your child’s english teacher. Anyone on your list with a busy schedule and an appreciation for great design would enjoy this unique and personal gift. (And if you’re like us, you may be adding one to your shopping cart with your own name on it!)




We’re wishing you a very happy holiday season, and inviting you to stay tuned to this space for more stylish gift ideas for your nearest and dearest.




Paper Planning 3 Ways In 2017

November 17, 2016

There is a certain kind of joy that we take each year in setting up our r+h calendars for the new year ahead. It’s a satisfying experience, from the feel of the smooth, never-used paper to the sense of curiosity and optimism we feel flipping through the blank pages of the months to come. In an increasingly digital world, we tend to enjoy the decidedly analog ritual of keeping track of our hectic schedules with an elegantly designed paper calendar system.


For 2017 we have a few options for planning your days in a way that works uniquely for you. The Signature and Mini binders are here to stay as an anchor of our collection. Featuring SmartDate planning inserts, this system gives you traditional monthly and weekly layouts in chic, minimalist design. We like to use the Signature size for larger project planning and the Mini as a day-to-day catch-all for notes, to-dos and reminders that slips easily into our bags.


Another planning tool we’ve become increasingly fond of here in the r+h offices is our Desktop Calendar Pad. It’s oversize at  22″ x 16.5″, with room for several of us to gather around and hash out project deadlines, marketing themes and more. As plans inevitably change and evolve, you’ll appreciate the 36 undated sheets; a life saver when you need to tear out a page and start fresh.


A third calendar option for 2017 is the SmartDeck. It works beautifully as a daily planning pad with plenty of space for notes, an hourly appointment tracker and the year at a glance. We find these are handy as a desktop brain-dump for bright ideas as they pop up throughout the day. An exciting new launch for 2017 is the option for personalizing your SmartDeck. Add your name, social media handle, website, or favorite quote and choose from five new designs for a calendar that truly speaks to you.


So we want to know: what kind of calendar are you going to use to plan for an excellent 2017?


Black Friday Event: A Chasing Lovely Christmas

November 16, 2016


The holiday season is advancing and we’ve got some exciting events in store for you at our North Loop flagship location. On Black Friday – November 25th, make sure to include our gorgeous new r+h store in your shopping plans and enjoy a free gift with your purchase. Our shelves are stocked with the classic r+h items you already love, alongside a carefully selected range of leather goods, jewelry, organic beauty and skincare products and luxe giftables.

After finishing your holiday shopping we invite you to stay late for an evening of live music featuring Chasing Lovely, a sister-duo who describe their sound as a combination of folk, rock, soul and pop. Think: The Civil Wars meets James Bay meets Adele. They’ll be getting us in the holiday spirit with a set of Christmas music and original songs.



There will be light snacks and beverages starting at 6:30, with the music beginning at 7:30. Tickets are $15 online, or $20 at the door. You can follow this link to purchase your tickets and learn more.

We hope to see you for shopping and live music at our North Loop flagship on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season. In the meantime get to know Chasing Lovely a bit better and check out our recent interview with them.




r+h Interview with Chasing Lovely

November 16, 2016


On November 25th – Black Friday – we’ll be welcoming Chasing Lovely, a sister-duo from Nashville by way of Minnesota, to our r+h flagship for a special evening of live music. (Find links to tickets and more info here) We recently sat down with the pair to talk about their inspiration and what it’s like to be on the road. (Hint: there are alpacas.)

First of all we love the name of your band, did you choose the name Chasing Lovely?

Thank you! The name came from a fashion blog Taylor started in high school called Chasing Lovely. She liked the definition of lovely: beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye. We adopted the name for our band after we moved to Nashville. We frequented the singer-songwriter scene and people would always ask, “What do you guys go by?” so we decided it was time for a band name. Our mom was the one who actually suggested using the blog name for the band. The blog still exists on our website, but it’s become more of a space to share our thoughts, experiences and opinions. And the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, of course. 😉

You’re from Minnesota but now call Nashville home, what prompted the move to Nashville?

 We were drawn to the city’s strong music community. That, or the warmer winters…ha! People call Nashville “Music City” and it really is fitting. Living here is like getting a hands-on education in the music industry.

How would you describe your genre of music?

A combination of folk, rock, soul and pop. Think: The Civil Wars meets James Bay meets Adele.

Who writes your songs and what are they about?

We write all of our songs. We write about our experiences. Sometimes our songs are about feeling like a #BossLady. Other times they’re about feeling lost in a deep dark pit of hopelessness and despair. And other times they’re about trying to garner the attention of a handsome gent. Or giving someone a big “FU!” It really depends on the day.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences? Musical: The Civil Wars, NeedToBreathe, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Gavin Degraw, OneRepublic, JohnnySwim, Al Green, Sia. That’s the short list.

Non-musical: Malcolm Gladwell, Emma Watson, Bernie Sanders, Rob Bell, our mom. And Oprah! Because, duh.

Tell us a story about a day in your lives?

When we’re on the road, we rarely get a hotel room. We try to stay with friends to save money. We had a concert lined up in Las Vegas, but the folks we would normally stay with had family visiting and couldn’t lodge us. So we thought, what the heck, let’s put a post out on Instagram. We were pretty desperate. A friend saw the post and put us in touch with a gal in LV who had a tiny house. She said we could stay there. So we pull up to this tiny house community and the gate opens up to a tunnel. We walk through, and there is straight-up an Alpaca to our right. Then we see another Alpaca up ahead just free-roaming around the park. So we are losing our minds, because not only has it been a dream of ours to stay in a tiny house, but there are ALPACAS FREE-ROAMING. Later that night, we’re in the tiny house binge-watching Making A Murderer and we start hearing this pulsing thump, thump, thump. We peer out the window and—no joke—there is a rave happening outside. Lights, music, people drinking and dancing. This tiny house community was lit. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s one of our absolute favorite memories from the road.


 What do you love the most about being a sister duo?

You have someone to celebrate with at the mountaintops and someone to cling to during the dark times.

What inspires you to do what you do?

People. When somebody tells you your song gave them chills or made them cry or that it spoke to what they are going through, it gives you a sense of purpose. We’ve even been told that our songs motivate people when they workout! People work out to our songs!! That is wild.

How does music affect you and the world around you?

Songs can make us feel powerful; invincible. Others make us want to cry. Or dance. Music speaks to our internal lives—our hope, pain, fantasies, anger, joy, passion, struggles. There is this wonderful quote by Rob Bell. In one of his podcasts he said, “There is that which science can analyze and prove and cite and study, and then there is that which we need the poet for.”

What do you find inspiring about the russell+hazel aesthetic?

We appreciate intentionality and quality of design. We live a minimalist lifestyle, which is rooted in intentionality. Our culture of consumerism has become frighteningly disposable—we focus too much on what’s trendy rather than creating useful products that last. So timeless design and functionality really appeal to us.

What do you enjoy most about the Northloop neighborhood?

When we were in Minnesota, we lived in South Minneapolis and downtown. So we honestly haven’t spent much time in the Northloop neighborhood. But we love Minneapolis for its locally owned restaurants and shops, its support of the arts and the environment and the wonderfully diverse community.

What is one question that no one has ever asked you but you wished they had?

“Would you like to go on tour with me?” -Gavin DeGraw