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December 2016

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r+h Book Club: Fashion Fairytales

December 12, 2016


We are obsessed with fashion and also love a good fairytale, after all who isn’t a sucker for a happy ending. Which is exactly why we are crazy about the selection of Fashion Fairy Tale Memoirs that we chose to carry in our flagship store.  The books are a blend of some of our favorite fairytales and the real-life story of a famed fashion designer. They are illustrated by the designers themselves and are a delightful combination of haute couture and fairy tale.

Christian Lacroix and the tale of Sleeping Beauty, is a contemporary twist on the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty and the memoir of celebrated designer Christian Lacroix.

Manolo Blahnik and the tale of The Elves & The Shoemaker mixes the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker with the uplifting memoir of shoe designer Manolo Blahnik.

Diane Von Furstenberg and the tale of The Empress’s New Clothes celebrates the life of fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg combined with the time-honored fairy tale The Emperor’s New Clothes.

These high fashion twists on some of our favorite classic fairy tales are the perfect cold weather, curl up by the fireplace companions.


Stylish Gifting: The List Maker

December 8, 2016

We all know her. “The List Maker.” And admittedly, as paper lovers and organization enthusiasts, we are her. Grocery lists, weekend to-do’s, vacation plans – we track our lives in bullet points.

We’re all about elevating the typical basics like sticky notes, paper clips, pens and pencils with high quality, high design versions. We believe that an inspiring workspace with functional and beautiful supplies helps us think more clearly and be more productive. (And there’s nothing quite like the satisfying swipe of crossing an item off your to-do list.)

Our collection of memos, list pads and page flags is The List Maker’s dream. For the monochromatically inclined, there are classic gray and charcoal options, as well as luxe marble. For those who delight in the bright and colorful, try our technicolor pack of page flags or tomato red jotters. And for the girl who can’t get enough of-the-moment blush, the pastel to-do pad is a must have.

Finally, for the most meticulous of List Makers we’ve gone beyond basic sticky notes and created additional list-making tools like the project planning pad, lined memos, and unique time trackers. From the thoughtful, stylish design and color palette to the quality of the paper, each of our notepads and planning accessories can help transform your workspace to something that truly motivates and inspires.

The r+h notes collection is perfect for holiday stocking stuffers, or bundle a few together for a stylish little gift for your favorite List Makers – the perfect start to a well-planned new year!



The Lady Slipper Collective Pop Up

December 6, 2016

Being a Minnesota owned and operated company, russell+hazel is well aware of the impressive talent that we have in our great state.  That said, we are incredibly honored and excited to showcase some of that talent at our first in-store pop up, The Lady Slipper Collective. Named for the Minnesota state flower, The Lady Slipper Collective will feature the works of three amazingly talented artists and designers.

Brands with a story behind them are the driving force of the selection process for products that we carry in our flagship store, so it was only natural for us to showcase handcrafted jewelry line Urbain. Urbain makes handcrafted jewelry using raw materials with significance to historic sites, regions, and people groups. Each piece of jewelry is handmade which means that each one is unique and tells its own story.  Urbain was founded by Logan Ketterling in Minneapolis, MN at the beginning of 2016 with the goal to combine his love for fashion and history.



Minneapolis-based artist, designer, and illustrator Cait Courneya will be another of the talented artists featured at our pop up. Inspired most by fashion and nature, her illustration style is bold, colorful, and fluid. Cait loves collaboration, as it stretches her skills and provides ways to try new things.  She has most recently collaborated with Solid Manufacturing Co. on a limited run collection of hand painted leather accessories.



If you are at all familiar with the name Lilly Pulitzer, you are also familiar with the incredible talents of artist Abbey Holden, as she was print designer for the brand and hand painted prints, embroidery and textile design. Abbey’s work is influenced by the scenery around her, memories of places she has visited and brilliant colors that have stuck with her throughout her travels.  With an appreciation for everything vibrant, Abbey works to convey a feeling of happiness in everything that she paints.



To experience the works of Cait Courneya, Abbey Holden Studio and Urbain in person and support local indie artisans, stop by the Lady Slipper Collective at the russell+hazel Flagship Store in the North Loop on December 10th from noon – 4.

Our flagship store is the perfect destination for your holiday gift shopping. Create the perfect gift pairing with our customizable r+h stationery matched with unique, locally sourced pieces for a wonderfully personal gift for someone special on your list.


r+h Behind the Scenes: The Drawing Board

December 1, 2016

With 2017 fast approaching, we are wrapping up the final touches on our 2017 collection, set to launch early in the new year. Over the next month, we want to give you a glimpse into our process of development and design.

As winter came to a close last spring our desks filled with images, colors, and shapes that began the process of cultivating direction for the coming year. Watching trends shift, and themes emerge across fashion, architecture, technology, and home gave guidance to our initial design boards. Three color stories surface, informing the materials, patterns and overall spirit of the collection



Holding true to our deep-rooted history in classic and modern design, we wanted to speak to the trends while remaining timeless. Our design boards revealed a sense of merging feminine and masculine themes, soft materials constructed with hard lines and monochromatic palettes displaying textural interest.



We hope that this glimpse into our inspiration will excite you about the collection to come! In the words of the great Finnish designer and architect, Alvar Aalto, “Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.”

2017 is sure to bring new beauty to your life, whether at home, work or on the go.