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April 2017


Demystifying Meditation With Vanessa Feils

April 24, 2017

Spring brings a fresh energy, motivating all sorts of organizational clean up and de-cluttering of our home and workspaces. In honor of that spirit of spring cleansing, we will be hosting an energetic evening combining russell+hazel style organization with spiritual and personal growth. On Thursday, April 27th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm, the russell+hazel flagship store will be hosting Vanessa Feils for a short lecture and guided meditation that will demystify the limiting beliefs that keep you from manifesting your desires. Her teaching style will guide you to your own inner wisdom, revealing the “how to steps” that are perfect for you. What if you were told that you already have everything you need right inside of you? This is what Life Stylist, Vanessa Feils, will help you to understand.

Like many people in a creative field, Vanessa is an experiential learner. It’s through her experiences that she gains insight and knowledge, as well as her passion to learn, teach and share. After being on her own 10 year self study in February 2013, she was invited to join International Healer in an Operational Role. That experience sparked her desire to begin laying the foundation of her own practice. Soon after, Vanessa Feils Inc. was founded, immediately attracting people in need of direction and assistance, realizing successful and fulfilling results.

Vanessa took a few minutes to sit down with us to get us better acquainted with her and the practice of meditation.

russell+hazel: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Vanessa: The weirder the better. I am a free spirited soul that loves new experiences. People and their journeys fascinate me. I am a deep connector, that is always interested in discovering why are paths are crossing.

r+h: For those who are not familiar with the practice of meditating, can you please give a brief description?

V: Meditation is the practice of connecting deeply to yourself. The more you practice consciously connecting, the deeper you go to discover all your magical powers. This is a relationship everyone gets to have. The thought of learning can feel overwhelming – I often assist people by leading them in a guided meditation. My guided meditation experience assists the individual or group in feeling a deep connection, so when you are meditating on your own you have a point of reference to connect to. Like learning how to ride a bike, once you sense that balance, you are off and cruising.

r+h: What got you started/interested in meditation?

V: I was guided to it. I desired for a long time to have a meditation practice. The more that I became at peace with myself and focused on strengthening that relationship, meditation became available. I found myself guided to sit and that practice led to seeing color, symbols and feeling light and out of body – yes, like floating. All of my teaching has been learned through experience and intuition.

r+h: Can you tell us about some of the benefits of meditation?

V: This style of meditation is life changing. It becomes a lifestyle that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life, just through being aware. Some of the benefits one experiences is calmness – allowing you to feel a sense of peace and joy throughout your entire body, reassuring you that you are perfect, whole and complete and you stand today.

r+h: How can people incorporate meditation into their daily life?

V: Start to be aware of the mindfulness moments that you already have in your life – the smallest things. So if you frequent time in nature, walking/running, playing with animals or children, reading, a yoga practice, working out, baths/soaks, really connected conversation. You do not need to be overlooking a beautiful landscape or in a meditation center to practice mindfulness. Just by being aware of what you are already doing that is mindful, assists in the shift. Your thoughts create your reality – so by focusing on what you are not doing will only bring more of what you don’t want. Meditation is simply having a relationship with yourself.

r+h: Any advice for any first timers who want to try it out?

V: Yes, start with just 2 minutes. Set the timer on your phone, put on some zen music, sit or lie down resting your palms up and connect to your breath. If you need assistance with your mind chatter, focus on using ‘love’ as a mantra – as you inhale, consciously breath in love and as you exhale, send ‘love’ out to the world or a specific person/community.

r+h: Why did you choose to collaborate with r+h?

V: It felt so right! I office in the neighborhood and had sent out an intention to the ‘Universe” a couple months prior that I wanted to connect and collaborate with the North Loop community. I often speak about divine guidance, when we enter into the natural flow of our life and begin to trust, we no longer need to plan ahead into the future. We are living and everything around us is just showing up at this beautiful speed, guiding and connecting us with one another. After being in the store and meeting Gail and Rachel, the idea clicked – and the rest just flowed. I feel so grateful.

r+h: What is one question you’ve never been asked that you wished you had?

V: “Baby … what’s your love language?” (insert heart eye emoji)



Interview With MEND Jewelry Designer Jordyn DiOrio

April 21, 2017

MEND  is a line of jewelry handmade in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The collection celebrates flourishing within the challenges faced in life by turning the act of repairmen into healing. Through the marriage of spirituality and natural, precious gemstones, the brand brings sentiment around one’s neck.  This gorgeously crafted collection fusing contemporary design with healing elements is the latest addition to the roster of MN Made products at our flagship store and will be debuting on Saturday, April 21st.  We talked to founder and designer Jordyn DiOrio about MEND and also got to know a thing or two about this incredibly talented woman.

russell+hazel: How did MEND Jewelry start?

Jordyn DiOrio: MEND started as a creative brainstorm via text message with my sister back in December as a I laid deathly sick on New Years Eve in Duluth.  One month later, created, branded, built and launched.  I don’t know how I did it, but I knew I wanted to see what direction the brand and designs would g

r+h: For those who are not familiar with Mend Jewelry can you describe your aesthetic? 

JO: MEND’s aesthetic aims to be sophisticated balanced with a little bit of edge. This is achieved through the delicate gold chains paired with the sharpness of the gemstones and hand pendant.

r+h: Where did you learn how to design and produce your jewelry?

JO: I am self taught.  I started tinkering with hand-me- down tools about 3-4 years ago during college.

r+h: What’s your favorite piece and why? 

JOI am an advocate for layering pieces and I currently love wearing the rosary style in quartz paired with a short rose quartz. The rosary design is simple, yet different than a standard necklace. The stones also embody balance and love, which I try to achieve daily.

r+h: Can you tell us a random fact about yourself?

JO: I am one of seven siblings, all from in Chicago, and also very Italian.

r+h: Why partner with the russell+hazel flagship store? 

JO: I’ve always been a fan of russell+hazel , as I am agenda & paper product fanatic.  I love that their storefront acts like a studio to showcase high-quality products and designs. MEND is thrilled to be a part of russell+hazel’s flagship store as it matches well with the brand’s goal of high-quality and classic design.

r+h: What inspires you? 

JO: Especially in the realm of jewelry design, I have found inspiration from the women I’ve grown up around.  I’ve had grandmothers who decorated themselves with rings, & necklaces, to my baby nieces who wear layers of pearls as dress-up for fun. I love the concept of wearing items with significance;  they can be a reminder of where we are at in our lives, represent those who we want to embody or just acknowledge how far we’ve come.



Free Download: r+h Digital Wallpapers

April 20, 2017

Since the launch of the 2017 collection, we have been enjoying toting our laptops in the brand-new leather envelope portfolios (back by popular demand!) They’re seriously luxurious, and give your computer a sleek, classic look as you go from meeting to meeting. The leather is buttery soft and lightly textured, with a durable cotton lining and magnetic closure. The high-quality materials and timeless design will make it a go-to accessory that only gets better with age.

With such a knockout upgrade to the outside of our computers, we thought it would be nice to refresh the inside as well. We created three digital wallpapers featuring the patterns from our new collection – Effe, Percy, and Claire, along with the phrase at the heart of r+h: Add life to your work.

Click below to open and download the mobile or desktop wallpapers, and check out all the luxe new arrivals in our leather collection to give your devices a complete makeover.

Mobile Downloads:


Desktop Downloads:



PRIMP Boutique Pop-Up

April 17, 2017

You may already be aware of local fashion boutique PRIMP –  which has received cult status in recent years for its offering of stylish, highly Instragrammable clothing at seriously attainable prices.

In honor of Fashion Week MN and just in time for a spring wardrobe update, our flagship store will be hosting an epic pop-up with PRIMP on Saturday, April 22nd from 10 – 4 pm.  This one-day-only event, combining stellar shopping with free drinks and goodies is a rare opportunity to get your dose of cheap-chic women’s fashion in the North Loop, while enjoying the selection of highly curated merchandise and one of a kind shopping experience that our flagship store is known for.

Don’t miss out. Or do (clothes are limited). In the  meantime, check out PRIMP online here:

Popping up at 219 N 2nd Street Suite 106, Minneapolis (North Loop)
Saturday, April 22nd



r+h Must Haves: Leather Phone Case + Apps

April 7, 2017

It’s a fact of modern life: we’re on our phones ALL the time. They’ve become seamlessly integrated into our daily habits, something we pick up so often we don’t even notice.

We included a leather phone case in the 2017 collection because we felt the need for a classic, high quality and high style accessory to protect and tote our phones. Something so ever-present in our lives should look great. It’s also seriously functional. The snap-close cover holds cards and cash so you can grab-and-go with all your essentials in one sleek piece.

In the spirit of accepting our utter dependence on these devices, we asked around the r+h offices, “What’s on your phone? What are you using and loving lately?” Below – the apps we can’t get enough of.

“Spotify running! You start running and Spotify plays music that matches your tempo. They have tons of different themes to choose from. They even have one called “The Chase” that mixes action movie music so you feel like you’re actually in one.”

“I use Feedly to catch up on the latest news and posts. I am able to group by topic and add different sources based on my interests, then go through them as I have time.”

“I love Snapseed for editing photos. I can take an image from dark and shadowy to bright and airy without photoshop.”

“Podcasts. I drive an average of 75 miles a day and had been purchasing audiobooks for the ride. Now, with a few clicks, I can listen and learn, in my car!! Very nice and wide variety to listen to.”

“Waze – I happen to be a bit of a speed demon, and I love using this app because it is about 85% accurate to let you know if there is a cop sitting up the road. If there is road construction, it will change your route so you can avoid it and you can add your favorite addresses so you can just tell it to go to “Courtney & Derek’s House”.

“The app I use a lot on my phone is the 8MM Vintage Camera. I love it because as an amateur filmmaker, it allows me to capture the beauty and mood of vintage movies in real time.”

“The Crate & Barrel wedding registry for obvious reasons :)”

“The Google Calendar app. I finally found a calendar that is easy to use and looks great! I can’t imagine how I kept track of anything before I got it.”

“Uber Eats! We finally got Uber Eats in our area and they deliver donuts from one of our favorite spots! It’s slowly becoming a Sunday morning tradition. The best part is we can stay in our PJs.”

“I love listening to audiobooks on Audible. I just listened to Rosamund Pike narrate Pride and Prejudice.”

“Spotify Discover Weekly. Every week, they create a new playlist for you based on your likes and what’s new. It never disappoints.”

“The podcast Ana Faris Is Unqualified. She has a different celebrity co-host for each episode- it’s light hearted and so funny!”

“The Venmo app! If you don’t have it- you need it! It’s the easiest way to electronically transfer money to or request payment from your friends. There’s no service charge and you’ll never have to awkwardly figure out how to split a restaurant check again.”

Now it’s your turn. We want to know what apps you’re loving – let us know on social @russellandhazel. And don’t forget to check out the gorgeous new arrivals in our leather collection!