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May 2017


Slow Flowers: An Interview with Foxglove’s Christine Hoffman

May 25, 2017

As the Twin Cities first exclusively local and chemical-free florist, Foxglove is more than just a flower studio. Owner and founder Christine Hoffman is a slow flowers advocate striving to form a strong community of sustainable flower farmers, small business owners, and folks who care about supporting these mindful endeavors. By providing a local, sustainable option to traditional flowers, putting a premium on collaboration, and reaching out to the community, she hopes to foster change.

Christine is committed to sourcing and using all locally-grown, chemical-free flowers & flora in her St. Paul studio. She is also dedicated to teaching about the importance and beauty of working with seasonal materials, and is at the forefront of the slow flowers movement in the Midwest. We are proud and very honored to partner with Christine and be a Foxglove flowers & flora subscription pick-up location.  We talked to Christine to educate ourselves on the slow flower movement and learn more about this incredibly inspiring woman.

r+h: Have you always been in love with flowers? 

Christine Hoffman: Yup. I grew up roaming around the woods and gathering treasures, including big handfuls of wildflowers, and I’ve always been a gardener. I also discovered, after starting Foxglove, that my great-grandparents were flower farmers! So, it’s obviously in my genes and surprising to me now that it didn’t develop into a career earlier.

r+h: What made you start Foxglove Market & Studio? 

CH: A fateful phone call from a friend and colleague, suggesting I open a store next door to her. I immediately told her she was crazy, and then immediately started planning the layout and inventory in my head. Local flowers were part of that original vision, and eventually won out as the focus of my business. Now it’s all flowers all the time!

r+h: Can you explain the Slow Flower Movement ?

CH: Over 80% of the flowers we buy in the U.S. are grown overseas, and it has been difficult for American flower farms to compete with the low cost of these imported blooms. The Slow Flower movement, like the Slow Food movement, aims to support farmers growing here in the U.S, and encourage consumers to embrace what is seasonal and local. My friend and mentor, Debra Prinzing, summed it up perfectly in her recent “Slow Flower Manifesto”.

r+h: Can you tell us about your community of local growers/farmers ?

CH: Foxglove began with two farmers, both of whom had been growing flowers for a number of years. Eventually, I talked a few new farmers into coming on board, but for the last 4 years, we were still only at about 6 flower farmers in the Twin Cities area. In the past year or so, the local scene has gone bonkers. My new venture this summer-an all-local wholesale flower market-has 19 participating farmers!

r+h: What is your design process?

CH: While my personality is very organized and detail-oriented, my design process has always been very organic, hands-on, and intuitive. I don’t like to do a lot of planning, which may drive a few of my farmers crazy. I’m notoriously bad about ordering ahead of time, and much prefer to see what’s fresh and lovely that day, using that as immediate inspiration.

r+h: Do you have a favorite flower?

CH: Well, one might think it’s the Foxglove…..but, it really depends on the season. Or the year. Or my mood.

r+h: Why chose to partner with the russell+hazel flagship store?

CH: I have been a fan of Russell hazel for many, many years, and the flagship store makes me swoon. The core products from r + h appeal to the organizational nut in me, but the concept and product selection at the flagship store is so modern and right-on.  Plus, the staff is so darn nice:)

r+h: How do you hope to impact change with Foxglove Market & Studio?

CH: First and foremost, by providing a sustainable, local alternative to conventional cut flowers. Additionally, building a strong and diverse creative community-through business collaborations, consumer outreach, and farmer support-is essential to creating change. I certainly can’t do this alone, and when people are armed with information and options, it is amazing what can happen.

Click here to learn more and to sign up for Foxglove’s flowers & flora subscription.  Flowers & flora can be picked up at our flagship store in the North Loop on Thursdays, beginning May  25th  from 12 – 6PM


“Sparkle On” Book Launch @ r+h Flagship Store

May 17, 2017

Speaker, blogger and writer Kim Kane is releasing her very first book and we couldn’t be more excited to host her at our flagship store for a fun-filled evening of story-telling, shopping and of course cocktails.  We talked to Kim about Sparkle On and learned more about her writing process and inspiration.

russell+hazel: What inspired you to write Sparkle On?

Kim Kane: What inspired me originally was turning 50. I decided to write a daily blog of everything that I learned throughout that year before my 50th birthday. I ended up with over 200 followers and began to hear from other women about the struggles, joys and questions they too were having about aging. At the end of the year I blogged, I realized a theme was emerging. It was all about gratitude. I realized that even when things were sad, such as when I experienced the loss of my father that year, if I looked through the lens of gratitude, and if I saw even a small glimmer of hope, it made all the difference in how I felt. I also really wanted to know that I was not alone in this aging experience. That desire morphed into me interviewing over 200 women age 50 and above. Their words, their experiences helped not only me feel connected, but based on what I heard from the women I spoke with, they also felt more connected after talking about aging. In a society that values youth, I really want to change that perception. The value is placed on looks, not abilities. Any commercial will tell you they can ‘defy’ aging with their product…the message being pretty clear: No one wants to see you age. Yet there is such beauty in woman as they age. Women become more confident, less worried about what they have to do and more focused on what they want to do. I know women over age 50 currently make up the majority of the population…and while that means many of us are looking where we parked our cars on any given day, I want women to know they are not alone. I want women to know it’s ok to age and it takes nothing away…in fact, there may be benefits to gain.

r+h: Is this your first book?

KK: Yesand it so exciting

r+h: Can you tell us a bit about your writing journey? 

KK: Once I realized that the book I wanted to write was not just about what I was experiencing as I aged, I decided to interview other women. I started out by asking friends via email certain questions. Then I asked women to come to small gatherings so I could interview more women at once. I thought I would hold or attend only a few of these gatherings, but it turned out women loved talking about this subject of aging so much so that I began to be asked to come to  women’s homes of people I did not know either at all or very little. It was wonderful! I started to call the gatherings: Celebrate Women! I ended up interviewing over 200 women. My first surprise was how candid women were in answering the questions. Whether it was about their own worries for aging, intimacy, the joys of being a grandparent, or the fact that they each knew they had already lived more than they will, everyone had something to offer. I loved that! Hearing their answers and watching other women nod, laugh or at times even cry with the woman who was sharing was very powerful.  It created really great and comfortable spaces for women to share personal stories. I felt blessed by them all. The book has chapters that allow for several stories to be told throughout each chapter pertaining to the subject matter. For example one of the chapters, ‘Lions and Tigers and Hair, Oh My!’ is all about body changes. I offer a few personal stories and then weave other women’s words to help show other’s perspectives. I give the women’s first name and age for each quote or story. At the end of the book I tried to capture short pieces of lessons learned and to be passed on to others in a section I call: Sparkles of Wisdom.

r+h: How long did the process take?

KK: In total 5 years. I wrote most consistently the last two yearseven though that seems like a long time, it went by so fast. I really enjoy writing.

r+h: What are your “must have” writing accessories?

KK:  Love this question! I always need my reading glasses, a notebook, pencil with a good eraser and my laptop. I would also add something that really made a difference for me was where I wrote. I typically would sit in a library after my day job, drink coffee and write for up to 3 hours solid. The atmosphere was so conducive for me to write and stay with my thoughts. Another great accessory was my porch. Writing in a room that had windows and sounds of nature coming in offered for some of my best writing (at least I thought so!)

r+h: Why partner with the r+h flagship store for your book launch?

KK: For starters I love russell+hazel! There is not a better place that caters to writing, organization and style! To be honest, I am over the moon to be partnering with r+h. The atmosphere is exactly what I hope my book offers…comfortable space, creativity and everything you need to feel special when doing every day things like writing, reading and simply being in your home with wonderful scents and art surrounding you. I have been a customer of r+h for years. Things I have purchased through r+h always made me feel special. So…what better place to launch my book that hopes to create that special feeling for others, than russell+hazel?!

r+h: Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

KK: I tend to snort when I laughit used to bug me, but now it just makes me laugh harder and snort louder!

r+h: What’s your favorite book?

KK: EEKI don’t know if I have an absolute favorite. However, I loved reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is filled with great empowering stories and ideas. I have it sitting on my desk to remind me of the ‘big magic’ all around me.

r+h: What reaction do you hope readers will have after reading Sparkle On?

KK: Since the majority of my audience is women, I am hoping they will enjoy reading the experiences other woman have shared, and in turn, see themselves. I hope the women who read this book laugh, smile and give a nod of understanding to what others have shared about the aging experiencing. Mostly, I want women to be inspired to do those things that make them Sparkle…no matter their age! It really is never too late.





Join us on Sunday, May 21st from 5 – 7:30 PM at our flagship store  for the Sparkle On book launch.  Guests will enjoy a reading from Kim, light appetizers and cocktails and the opportunity to get their book signed by Kim.

We hope to see you there!


Mother’s Day Pop – Up Blow Dry Bar and Flower Stall

May 11, 2017

Mother’s day is about celebrating and honoring that wonder woman, otherwise referred to as “mom”, and what better way to show mom your love and appreciation for her than to treat her to some much deserved and needed pampering.

This year in honor of Mother’s Day, our flagship store will be hosting a Pop-Up Blow Dry Bar with Hairstylist and Make Up Artist Stephanie Domrose and a Flower Stall with Foxglove Market & Studio on Saturday, May 13th.  This is the perfect opportunity to treat mom to an amazing blow out and/or make up touch and some gorgeous locally grown, chemical-free flowers all while perusing the incredible selection of stationery, leather goods, desk accessories and other curated goodies stocked at our flagship store.

Blowout appointments and makeup touch-ups can be scheduled by clicking here.  Foxglove’s Pop-Up Flower Stall will be available while supplies last from 11 AM to 2 PM.

We hope to see you and your wonder woman there!


The North Loop Spring Fashion Crawl

May 3, 2017

The North Loop has been home to our flagship store now for six months and we could not be happier with our move to this amazingly vibrant neighborhood.  What’s not to love about being in the epicenter of the Twin Cities hottest dining district surrounded by a host of stylish indie shops, trendy nightlife and boutique hotels like The Hewing?  From other retailers and businesses to customers, this neighborhood has been incredibly welcoming which is why we’re extremely excited to partner with our neighbors this spring and participate in the North Loop Spring Fashion Crawl.

This one-day event will feature food trucks, promotions, and discounts from businesses and stores and even a dance flash mob!  Guests can also enter drawings to win prizes from participating stores and businesses in the neighborhood.  For those of you who have yet to visit our flagship store in the North Loop, this is a “not to be missed” opportunity to finally see our new storefront and also spend a day experiencing Minneapolis’s fastest growing neighborhood.


219 2nd St. N, Suite 106
Minneapolis, MN 55401