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November 22, 2017


Anywhere Apparel, the innovative local brand making versatile, stylish and functional clothing and accessories to go anywhere – from deep cultural adventure to the remote outdoors – will be collaborating with our flagship store to infuse your holiday travels with  style, function and luxury.

During this pop up event on Sunday, November 26th, Anywhere Apparel will have their  limited edition, small-batch, and ethically made products for purchase.  To compliment Anywhere Apparel’s stylish travel essentials, our flagship store will be offering a curated selection of luxurious travel accessories.

We sat down with Kelly Koster , co-founder of Anywhere Apparel to get the insight on this visionary brand.

How did ANYWHERE APPAREL  start?

On a napkin during a flight to Japan back in 2013. Cliche, I know! Just a scrappy sketch next to a pack of peanuts and those delicious cookies from Delta. My husband and I had this big idea that travel could be better and more rewarding if we didn’t have to pack so much stuff. So we started building the foundation for the perfect travel wardrobe.

For those who are not familiar with ANYWHERE APPAREL can you describe your brand and aesthetic?

Our brand is smart, versatile, and timeless. These are the things you need when you’re on-the-go.  We like to keep the outward appearance clean and classic so you can dress it up or down.  Then, we add in hidden functionality to make everything really useful.  We love pockets and unexpected features.  For example, our men’s Stowaway Jacket converts into a wearable satchel!

After traveling to 45+ countries, we learned that bringing less is liberating. When we take trips, we want to hike and experience beautiful views, but we also want to immerse ourselves in local culture as much as possible. So, we typically only pack one carry-on bag. That means your clothing needs to do a lot with less.

Where and when did you design and production aspect of your brand?

We do all of the design work and sourcing of materials ourselves.  We look for the smartest fabrics and trims from Italy to Switzerland and Japan.  Everything is about quality and versatility.  Can this withstand everyday use?  Could you take it for a countryside hike and then dinner in the city?  We think about destinations and how people will actually use our items. Our designer, Alisa Miller, is part engineer, part artist. She really knows how to bring the two together.

Our journals are made by hand with vintage binding tools in Minneapolis.  The bindery has been around for over sixty years, run by the same family of archival quality book binders.  Our clothing is made by in NYC by a small production studio specializing in designer level work.  New York is a very special place to be right now with the return to quality and small batch manufacturing.  Quality is extremely important to us, from production down to our custom snaps.

What’s your favorite piece and why?

I love our Antipodes Reversible Coat. It has been in development for over two years and it’s finally launching!  When we started Anywhere, I dreamed of having the perfect travel coat.  Japan served as good inspiration because there’s so much style and culture but there’s so much nature and outdoor experiences you can’t miss.  You want to feel fashionable in Tokyo, but you also want to feel protected and comfortable hiking up shrines, especially in the mountain towns.  This coat had to do it all, and I’m so proud to say it does! It’s rugged and chic with 12 pockets. My husband and I are going to Japan with our almost 2-year-old daughter in January and I cannot wait to bring it with.

Can you tell us a random fact about yourself?

All of my recent trips have been to remote islands, but not the tropical ones!  The Faroe Islands are rainy, a bit chilly, and unpredictable. Plus, there is very limited WiFi, so I got to relive the magic of my analogue childhood again. I loved it.

Why partner with the russell+hazel flagship store?

Everything at russell+hazel combines function and style which fits our philosophy at Anywhere perfectly.  Truly good design marries the two so you can’t separate beauty from its intended purpose and russell+hazel does that so well. Plus, when I walked into the flagship store for the first time, I felt transported to a new inspiring place.  That’s exactly why I love travel.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the memories of all of my trips and the anticipation of trips to come.  You don’t recall days in your life.  You remember significant moments, and for me, many of those happened in far away places like the Amazon jungle, Russia, and Okinawa.  You get to leave your life behind temporarily and focus on what really matters.  When you leave your routine, if only for just a bit, you begin to experience life through the eyes of a child again. Kids aren’t predisposed to a certain way of thinking yet, so everything is new.  Travel can create that formative state which really open you up to new possibilities.

Catch Anywhere Apparel at our flagship store on Sunday, November 26th from noon – 3PM and be prepared to go anywhere this holiday season!




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