Montgomery Collection Holiday Pop Up

December 7, 2017

On Saturday, December 9th we will be hosting  The Montgomery Collection at our flagship store just in time for the holiday gifting season!

The Montgomery Collection features handcrafted leather travel goods that revels in connections, crossed paths and engagement in spaces. Each series is based on an abstract reminder of an experience in a location, taking on the area code as the products name. These moments are the motivation behind each piece, creating new pieces for others to own and create their stories with on daily encounters and far away travel.

We sat down with The Montgomery Collection Founder and Designer Marissa Montgomery to learn more about this amazing and inspiring local brand!


The early stages of Montgomery Collection started right after college when I began traveling more frequently. I rarely check luggage & was searching for the right weekender that I could carry on all my flights. Generally, if I can’t find a wardrobe piece I’m looking for, my default has always been to just make it. After many uninspiring prototypes of cotton fabric bags, I knew I needed to figure out how to work with leather in order to create something I actually liked. From the weekender, the line developed into the five different products offered today, all designed in conjunction with one another for streamlined travel. The design of each series within the collection is based on an abstract reminder of an experience in a location, taking on the area code as the products name. These moments are the motivation behind each piece, creating new pieces for others to design their stories with on daily encounters and far away travel. 

For those who are not familiar with MONTGOMERY COLLECTION can you describe your aesthetic?

 The brand is a balance of minimal forms, functional use and timeless style. I care about the curation of an outfit, the brand provides pieces that seamlessly coordinate with different wardrobe styles. The core pieces have a more timeless design, while some of the limited edition series provide pieces with a little more variation. 

Where did you learn to design and produce your incredible leather pieces?

 I learned leather work from a variety of sources. The outcome has been a blend of reading books, watching videos, trial and error and implementing feedback from experts on the process. I currently produce each piece by hand. There is something rewarding about the physical production, deciding the association of materials and transforming them into something that didn’t exist prior. There is an energy I am attached to that comes from the process of developing ideas into functional products that are put out into the world for others to interact with. This mindset has been the reason for continuing with the handcrafted production method.  

 What’s your favorite piece and why? 

I have two favorite pieces, one being the No. 612.1 weekender as it was the start of the brand. I finished making mine the night before I left on a trip to Sweden and it has been with me on every trip since. I associate a lot of memories from traveling with this bag, so the nostalgia surrounding it makes it one of my favorites. My other favorite is the No.030.4 flat from the 030 series, based on moments in Berlin. This series provided the first Flats for the brand and I like how universal they are. They can serve as organizational pieces inside the totes and weekenders in the collection or function as stand alone pieces, so I enjoy the versatility. I didn’t know I would be going to Germany, I was surprised at the airport with the trip, so this piece will always remind me of the spontaneous moments in life that I am very drawn to. This piece was motivated by some of the design elements in the lobby of the hotel we stayed in and I’m instantly taken back there when I use this piece. 

 Why partner with the russell+hazel flagship store?
Russell + Hazel provides products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The Montgomery Collection aligns with this mentality, making russell+hazel a great fit to represent the line. I was drawn to collaborating with the flagship store as it is located here in Minneapolis and I love the local support we can offer one another. 

What inspires you?

I like getting lost in the details of what makes up the current moment somewhere, the culture essentially. I am most inspired by the combination of people, music, ideas and places that challenge the norm. I truly believe the opportunities to fully experience the value of different moments happens during both day to day motion and far away travel, which is why the brand caters to both. I usually find myself in an art museum when I am needing to escape the monotony, as there is so much to be experienced of different places and cultures within the walls of any gallery.

Shop The Montgomery Collection’s gorgeous handmade pieces along with our flagship’s expertly curated selection of stationery and unique gifts on Saturday, December 9th from Noon – 3PM.


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